Wedding Plans & Plans & Plans…

The process leading up to the day was nothing short of a miracle.  With less than three weeks to go, a marriage licence was still in question, a location was still to be sorted and of course, the restrictions regarding headcount were continuously changing.  Not to mention, Catherine’s dress was locked up in a bridal boutique in Montreal, (and the Quebec/Ontario border remained closed).  Liam and the Groomsmen’s suits still had to be sized and the store remained closed and the Maid of Honour and the Bridesmaid’s dresses needed altering.

Then miraculously, a licence was obtained in Midland, Ontario, a new location was chosen – the backyard of Catherine’s brother’s place in Carleton Place, and the stores were starting to open.  Hurray!!  Of course, the ongoing headcount restrictions were still only allowing for five people to be present so none of their families could attend, other than James, Catherine’s brother and his wife Simone, who were hosting.  But wait!  Suddenly ten people could be present!  Hurray!  Now some of Liam’s family could be there.  NO wait… 50 people could attend an outdoor wedding!  But is it wise to have that many people gather given the ongoing concerns of COVID?  And in a backyard?  Best to keep the number small.  After careful thought and consideration, a couple of more family members were invited and things were finally settled.  Oh but wait – now the weather was predicting rain!  What can they do?  Relax….it’s a time of miracles.  Three days before the wedding, Catherine received a text – a wedding chapel was being offered to them!  Talk about having a lot of connections on the other side pulling for them!

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